Premature publishing

I accidently published a post that I’m not finished with. It doesn’t make sense because it’s missing a crucial part, so please ignore it if you read it.

(Hint: It’s lacking a part about not putting your kid through sensory hell.)

Protected posts

I’ve gone through this blog and unpublished some posts and made some other posts password protected, since I got some unwanted attention. The posts that are password protected include explicit sexual descriptions and that seemed to give some people ideas about me not having any boundaries. I think the intersection of sexuality and autism is very interesting but explicitly sexual material will be password protected from now on.

If you feel like reading and want the password, send me an email to theuninspirational-at-gmail-dot-com and tell me who you are and that you would like the password. I will only give it to people I have interacted with and feel safe with.

Hurting me doesn’t matter?

This thing when people around me present a plan with the words “I think it will be great if….”. I explain that no, that will cause damage to my health and they keep insisting on what a great plan they’ve made. I didn’t ask for a plan. There are so many things impacting what I can and can’t do that you don’t know about and I’ve repeatedly asked you to not bother me with all these ideas you think I need. All the things you think I should do. Why do you keep doing it? Why do you ask again when I just said no? It’s hurting me that it keeps happening.