I Miss You

Dear partner,

I miss you. I know you’re just two rooms away, and my legs are strong enough to carry me to you today, but I won’t come to you. You work too hard taking care of our child, of me, of our home, and on top of that you try to manage the work that actually brings us money. The time you have to yourself is scarce, way too scarce compared to what you need, and I don’t want to take those precious minutes away from you. You’re not autistic, but I know that we are very much alike in our need for time of our own.

I miss talking about something that isn’t a practical problem that needs to be solved, and I miss being physically close without all the guilt and stress it seems to always be accompanied with nowadays. I miss spending time together because we like it, like we used to. Right now, there’s no room in our life for any of that, and that makes me sad.

I love you, and therefore I accept that life is like this right now. I miss you but I don’t ever want to interfere with your recovery time unless it’s absolutely necessary, so I want come to you tonight. I love you, and therefore I’ll leave you alone.


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