Breaking up with a parent

I think I’m about to cut all contact with one of my parents. The other one I don’t have much contact with, and I rarely talk to my siblings either. It’s scary to take such a big step but I’ve been trying to find a way to communicate with this parent and so far I’ve failed. She hurts me and I’ve put up with a lot of ableistic abuse for the sake of my child but now she has done something unacceptable that hurt my child and that’s it. I have to do something more drastic than trying to talk. I can not risk her doing something like this again, and considering the fact that she doesn’t seem to think she did anything wrong, the risk is high. I want to elaborate on this but my head is too foggy at the moment. At some point I want to write more about what I mean with ableistic abuse, but right now I recommend this piece from Kink Praxis for those of you who wants to read more about emotional abuse (the post I’m linking to isn’t about sex but a lot of the posts on Kink Praxis is, just so you know where you’re going).

Like it’s not enough to battle my social insurance agency and a lot of healthcare stuff that’s about to happen, I now have to deal with this. On the positive side is that me and my partner are really supportive to one another.


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