Sticking to my solidarity principles

I read Liberation of one group can’t happen through oppression from Un-Boxed Brain and I agree. I’m fighting with internalised ableism. I’m learning to express myself differently, both when I’m thinking about myself and about other people. I’m white, meaning I have a huge responsibility to listen to people who are oppressed for reasons I’m not. To actively learn how to not reproduce oppression.

The other day, when I wrote about the very uncomfortable interaction I had with a person, it turned out that this person doesn’t agree. This person has started an organization for a specific group of people, and in this group a lot of people probably have disabilities. It’s not the main cause of the organization, though. However, the person said some ableist stuff but it was the kind of thing where the ableism isn’t obvious. It also turned out that this person is completely unaware of racism. When pointing it out, I got accused of seeking a conflict that didn’t exist. The sentence ended with a happy smiley.

I get uncomfortable when people act like this. Especially the smiley in the end, making it a joke however serious it was intended. When I come across people who act like this I usually start doubting myself and my inability to read people and most of the times I end up feeling like the lousiest person in the world. This time however, I actually replied that this kind of communication is unacceptable to me, it steals too much energy. I asked the person to therefore not contact me again.

Now, I’m scared but also kind of proud. For sticking to my standards without starting to hate myself. Because liberation of one group can’t happen through oppression of another group.


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