Deep connection

Sometimes I read stuff that makes me question this world and my experience of it. Sometimes I just want to scream with frustration when I see the assumptions people make. When I read that autism prevents people from having deep connections with other people I don’t know what to believe. I just spent a couple of hours with a person who is diagnosed with autism by professionals, and as usual I experienced a deep connection. Probably one of the deepest connections I’ve ever had to anyone. Does that mean that my thoughts about me being autistic are wrong? If this sense of connection is mutual and the other person is sharing it – are they misdiagnosed? I don’t think so. But I don’t know what to believe about myself.

I do know that we share the experiences of sensory overload, meltdowns and shutdowns. We share the need to process extensively. We share the experience of being overwhelmed by sound and light and other peoples emotions. And deep, deep inside we share the experience that many people around us really don’t get what we go through during an ordinary day.


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